Space to play a short ride from Venice

Playgrounds are not a great feature of Italian cities and in Venice there two that I know of – one at the Parco Savorgnan and the other at the Giardini Pubblici, but our itinerary was so packed with hotel visits we didn’t get to go to either. I was therefore very grateful to complete our Venice trip with a two-night stay at Venissa on the island of Mazzorbo, just a 30-min vaporetto ride from Fondemente 9.
Venissa is a wine producer as well as a chic boutique hotel, Michelin-starred restaurant and stylish Osteria. The building is situated on the edge of the Laguna and the kids loved looking at the boats passing by from the windows of our room, but what they enjoyed more was the space to run around. Not only was there the hectare of vineyard and vegetable garden outside the property, but through the back gate was the bridge leading to Burano with it’s pretty coloured houses and … a playground!
Just as we crossed the bridge I spied a bit of yellow plastic to my right, which I could tell was the bottom of a slide, so we abandoned our walk before it had even begun and went to check it out. The playground is small but with plenty to keep my toddlers entertained for nearly an hour. It seems dangerously close to the water’s edge but even my curious 18-month-old didn’t seem bothered by it and there is a nice bench to sit and watch the boats on the water. If you come to Burano by vaporetto from Venice you need to turn right towards the bridge that crosses to Mazzorbo and then turn left towards where the boats are moored and you will find it. The vineyard of Venissa is also open to the public and you will find the gate to it just across the bridge – although you would be foolish to get so close and not stop for something to eat – the Osteria will happily cook your toddlers up a plate of pasta, while you sample some of the fresh fish caught in the Laguna.

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