Playground in Rome close to Trevi fountain 

After a day of sightseeing with the children yesterday, wandering around the Colesseum and Palantine Hill, the kids were desperate to play in a ‘proper playground’ (and I thought playing balancing on large hunks of Roman marble was playground enough!). 

I wanted to show my husband the Trevi Fountain, so we decided to make a detour to there on the way to the Borghese gardens. But the children were impatient and so I googled ‘playground in Rome’ – but it didn’t throw much up. As we were walking down Via del Quirinale I decided to nip into the gardens of Quirinal Hill just to see. We were in luck! A couple of simple climbing frames with a slide surrounded by benches in a quiet park. It’s nicely contained and there’s a lawn area for lounging in the sun while the kids run around. It was covered with daisies today so we could also make daisy chains. It’s a tranquil little oasis with a small water feature that toddlers could play at in hot weather.

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