What to pack for the family for European train travel

The most difficult thing when contemplating two months of travel with toddlers is the packing. We changed our minds so many times. Were we going to take two Trunki’s that we could put at the back of the double buggy and one big suitcase. Or two medium-sized suitcases. Did we need to pack enough for, say, a 14-day period. Or should we just pack enough for a week and do laundry along the way? Should we buy enough disposable nappies in the UK? Or just take a few and buy en route?

I ended up signing up to Amazon Prime because a friend recommended I take a booster seat backpack for my daughter for taxi and car journeys (which can also have toys, nappies and snacks packed into it) and while I was at it I also ordered a new lightweight holdall style suitcase that would give me some compartments to separate out the children’s clothes and give us space for an ‘overnight’ section for pyjamas and toiletries and the next day’s clothes so we weren’t always having to open the big case. 

 I tried to pack as lightly as possible. Just one pair of trousers and a top for myself and five dresses, tights, and a couple of cardigans. For the kids I packed just six outfits each, two pairs of pyjamas, a spare pair of shoes each and some waterproofs. We still seem to have ended up with reams of luggage. We have one big suitcase, the aforementioned holdall on wheels, one big handbag, one small handbag, the car booster seat and an extra canvas bag with water flasks and snacks in. 

So far we have moved all this luggage onto Eurostar, off Eurostar, twice in and out of a hotel lift, in and out of two taxis and onto the Paris to Milan train – and we haven’t yet been away 24-hours … hmmm

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